Going The Distance In The GoPet: An Electric Scooter Review


The GoPet is a personal electric transportation device/scooter designed for short trips around whatever area you might be in. It generally does its job of getting you from point A to point B well, though we did find a few quirks with it.


EarthTechling gives the GoPet personal electric scooter 3.5 OUT OF 5 ECO-STARS.


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The personal electric transportation (PET) device market was first defined years ago by the Segway electric stand up device, which let riders move around on a two-wheeled, all electric platform by leaning slightly forward or back in the desired direction. This has, of course, resulted in competitors over the years – many of which offer a more standard three-wheel device to move around on, with the third wheel providing a degree of stability and also allowing an option for a built-in seat.

One such competitor is GoPet. What exactly is the GoPet you ask? It is a three-wheeled electric vehicle which can be sat on (with optional seat) or stood up in as you ride it around at low speeds. It isn’t like the Segway in that it lets you lean in the direction you need to go, but instead relies more on traditional steering to determine your route. Is a device like this worth your time? We considered this as we took it out for a test spin.

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    There just copies of zappy the tire hub says zap lol

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