Deep Green Tidal Kite Generates Energy Underwater

In the mood to fly a kite? Well, how about instead of flying a kite, you do the complete opposite and take it for a swim? The Deep Green tidal kite by renewable energy startup Minesto operates in the same manner in which one flies a kite… except underwater instead of among the clouds.

“The system consists of a lightweight turbine, generator and rudder attached to a fixed point on the seabed with a tether,” explains Business Green. “The system can then move in the ocean to catch the best currents and maximise power output from the tides.” Minesto believes tidal kite technology has the potential to grow the tidal power renewable energy market by 80 percent. Reason being, tidal kites are able to, in theory, operate in deep water with low tidal velocities considered unstable for other tidal energy generators.

deep green

Image via Minesto

The Big Green prototype will be installed somewhere off the coast of Northern Ireland in 2011. A 200-500kW pilot is anticipated to kick off in 2013 and will be connected to the Northern Ireland grid sometime in 2012.

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