BugPlug Gadget Nips Carbon Footprint Of Kids In Bud

Eco? Check. Slightly bizarre? Check. An excellent gadget for electricity-hogging kids and teenagers? Absolutely. Among the many devices we’ve seen lately for nipping vampire power in the bud and reducing the overall carbon footprint at home, the BugPlug (which comes to us by way of The Design Blog) is by far the most kid-friendly.

This funny little guy comes connected to a power strip. Simply plug all the electronics in a room into the strip, then set the dial on the BugPlug’s belly for a given interval (6 seconds, for example). Motion sensors housed, appropriately, in the figure’s antennae sense motion when you’re in the room. But after you leave–to walk the dog, in the example provided on the product page description for the Greener Gadget Competition–the BugPlug will wait for the interval of time you’ve set and if it senses no motion,  will turn off all connected gadgets. When you come back, it will do you the favor of turning them all back on again.


image via The Design Blog

This seems like a brilliant energy management solution for kids and teenagers, constantly connected to a variety of electronic devices and notorious for leaving everything on, all day and all night. There’s still an element of eco-consciousness required here, in setting the time interval on the gadget’s tummy–and the striking design of the figure won’t let you forget that it’s there–but this way, easily-distracted youngsters don’t have to remember to turn everything off. (Though for the teenager’s snarky sense of humor, the name might be problematic….)

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