Touchscreen e-Bin Concept Picky About Electronics You Recycle

Now you too can reduce, reuse, and recycle — in the future! Or more accurately, you can execute the three R’s via the futuristic e-Bin, a concept device created by London based designer Baharash Bagherian meant for recycling electronic waste (e-waste).

Awarded runner-up status by The 4th Bin, a competition in which designers concoct e-waste recycling bins, the e-Bin is an electronic device that one could accuse of electronic cannibalism. Distinguishable from other recycling bins is the implementation of a programmable touch screen that communicates with users and recycling companies. Re-nest explains that “the bin, which would be located in convenient spots in the neighborhood (or in your own home or office) would also tell the user if it is full and suggests the location of the next nearest bin, while simultaneously informing the recycling company to come and empty its contents.”


Image via Re-nest

Even more impressive, the e-Bin will also inform recyclers as to the candidacy of deposited items. No more worrying about what can and cannot be recycled. Large enough to hold items such as televisions, the e-Bin’s touch screen would be recharged using solar power, and the bin itself is made of vacuum-formed carbon fiber sheets.

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