Third Party Lab Verifies ArmorLite CFL Holds Back Mercury If Broke

Clearlite, a company which last year debuted a CFL called ArmorLite which it says sports a safety coating that helps to capture broken glass and potential harmful mercury should the CFL break, now has what is says is validated third-party certification to back up its claim of a safe CFL bulb. This third party verification of the ArmorLite was handled by one Cambridge Material Testing Limited (“CMTL”), in Ontario, Canada.

CMTL, said ClearLite, is a third-party testing lab that broke and crushed the glass of a number of ArmorLite CFLs to measure the levels of mercury which might escape from them compared to that of a normal CFL. It is said CMTL found that “the levels of mercury recorded were below the lowest level that the testing equipment was capable of detecting.” Data from the testing report in fact stated that levels were at least below 0.003mg/m3, which is the the lowest level that the testing equipment was capable of detecting.

image via ClearLite

“Having results that show the analyzer not detecting any mercury from an independent testing facility helps validate that the ArmorLite CFL is a Safer CFL,” said Thomas Irvine, president and CEO of ClearLite, in a statement. “We are looking forward to making A Safer CFL widely available so that consumers, especially families with children, can enjoy the full benefits that our product offers.”

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