Sony CycleEnergy Batteries Offer Thousands of Recharges

Sony has a vested interest in rechargeable batteries. After all, the maker of many of the world’s finest electronics wouldn’t want its products blamed for consumers consuming too many batteries in an effort to power their Sony devices. Continuing its efforts to improve rechargeable batteries, Sony Electronics has unveiled its new line of CycleEnergy rechargeable batteries, available in AA and AAA flavors.

With Environment, Health & Safety reporting that consumers dispose of approximately 2 million batteries per year, rechargeable batteries that don’t quickly lose their charges–as they are prone to do–are in high demand. “A pre-charged Sony CycleEnergy Battery may last up to three times longer than an Alkaline battery and can be charged 1,000 times,” reads a Sony news release, “which is equivalent to 3,000 Alkaline batteries.”

sony batteries

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CycleEnergy rechargeable batteries are available in three levels, which differ based on drain or power consumption of the device: the first level is the pre-charged 1000mAh, best suited for everyday devices such as television remotes; the 2000mAh is optimal for devices that require constant power at a slow drain, such as most clock radios; and the CycleEnergy 2500mAh, perfect for high-drain devices such as digital cameras. All CycleEnergy batteries are garbed in environmentally safe packaging, which uses less plastic than previous packaging.

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