Scorpion HX Maker Details New Sports Hybrid Sedan Plans

We’ll start off by saying the car you are reading about in this story is NOT the one pictured below. That particular car, the very exotic Scorpion HX hydrogen fuel injected hybrid vehicle, is manufactured by one Ronn Motor Company, who also happens to have just announced plans for a more subtle electric/diesel hybrid sports sedan.

This new unnamed car will be a new midrange sports hybrid sedan, based on electric/diesel hybrid technologies. Ronn Motor says it has met with many electric, diesel and hybrid drive-train manufacturers, as well as other automotive designers, of late and plans to put its new Marble Falls, Texas facility to good use developing this new vehicle. There’s no specific word on pricing or release date, but we have to hope it will be a little less expensive than the $250,000 retail price of the Scorpion HX.

Ronn Motors

image via Ronn Motors

“Consolidating our manpower and leveraging the skills and lessons learned from the creation of Scorpion HX should help to provide us a competitive edge in this new developing market,” said Ronn Maxwell, CEO of Ronn Motor Company, in a statement. “We are genuinely excited about the future new addition to our fine family of eco-friendly products.”

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