Ronn Motor Seeks Students To Design Sleek and Sexy Hybrids

Admit it: as excited as you may be about hybrid vehicles and their benefits such as a decrease in gasoline consumption, some of them aren’t so snazzy in the looks department. Think you can do better? Ronn Motor Company, no stranger to the design of gorgeous hybrid cars, has announced an automotive design contest for their new hybrid sports Sedan.

According to Ronn Motor Company, “the scope of the contest will be specifically focused on the interior and exterior design of the new vehicle. The winning design will be determined based on originality, aesthetics, ergonomics and practicality for daily use and manufacturing.” Full contest details have yet to be disclosed, though it is known that the contest is limited to university, college, and other accredited learning institutions in the state of Texas.

scorpion hybrid

Image via Ronn Motor Co.

The winning design will be handpicked by the Ronn Motor executive team and board, and the winning school will receive a gift from the automotive maker to enhance the school’s automotive design studies. CEO Ronn Maxwell says he is looking forward to viewing the creativity of budding car designers.

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