OnPlug Offers a Bright Idea For Killing Vampire Power

The worst thing about vampire power? Its insidious nature: it counts on us remaining unaware that the devices we have turned off are still leaching power from their sockets, even as we sleep. There’s a cheap new solution to this nightmarish scenario: the OnPlug (which comes to us by way of Treehugger).

It’s super simple, in concept and execution. The OnPlug fits between your electronic device and the power outlet, and lights up when power’s running through it. That way, you can adequately survey which appliances are still sucking up the juice in stand-by mode, and turn them off. And sure, you could just remember to unplug everything at night before you go to bed, but there’s no doubt that the presence of one or more glowing plugs in the room when you turn off the lights will help you remember which devices need to be put to sleep, too. All you have to do to put a stake through the heart of vampire power is flip the little switch on the OnPlug.


image via Treehugger

Of course, in an ideal world, there would be OnPlugs on all of our devices that use standby power, networked wirelessly to some central hub, and a single switch that we could hit to turn them all off at once. (Also, in an ideal world, the OnPlug would feature a three-pronged, grounded input, as so many of our power-hogging devices are grounded.) But for $7.00? It’s a start.

Susan DeFreitas has covered all manner of green technology for EarthTechling since 2009. She is a graduate of Prescott College for the Liberal Arts and the Environment, and has a background in marketing green businesses. Her work on green living has been featured in Yes! Magazine, the Utne Reader and Natural Home.

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