New Intel Home Energy Monitoring Sensor Tied To In Home Wiring

Intel, which we chatted with not too long ago about its vision of the smart grid, made an interesting announcement today from its ongoing Developers Forum in Beijing, China. The chip manufacturer’s CTO Justin Rattner, talking about personal energy management, said the company has invented a new wireless sensor to help consumers better collect energy data usage from around their homes.

This sensor, said Rattner in a presentation [PDF], is currently experimental. It needs to “only be plugged into the house wiring to instantaneously measure and wirelessly report the power consumption of each electrical load in the home.” The value of this sensor increases even greater when working with a device such as Intel’s powered home energy display. These two devices, when coupled together, can “monitor performance, recommend solutions for more efficient usages, set goals, and reward success.” It is believed by Intel a system like this could help a U.S. household save up to $470 per year in electricity costs while at the same time helping to reduce fossil fuel usage through more efficient energy management.

Intel energy sensor

image via Intel

“Consumer empowerment is critical,” said Rattner during his presentation. “Individual consumers must have the information, tools and incentives to conserve scarce energy resources, minimize their carbon impact and keep their energy budgets under control. If we can make energy more personalized with real-time information and offer visual tools that engage entire communities, it will lead to valuable changes in behavior and save staggering amounts of energy.”

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