New GE 9-Watt LED Acts As 40-Watt Replacement, Lasts 17 Years

Not that one would normally get over excited about new light bulb announcements, but GE has something interesting today it is showcasing as ‘fast forwarding the future of LED lighting”. It is a new 40-watt replacement GE Energy Smart LED bulb expected to consume just 9 watts and last around 17 years when used an average of four hours per day.

This new GE Energy Smart LED bulb, available later this year or early next for what will look to be between $40 and $50 a piece (!), will deliver nearly the same light output compared to a 40-watt incandescent/halogen or 10-watt CFL. The 9-watt energy consumption is said to provide a 77-percent energy savings, and the bulb will contain no mercury. It is designed to “better direct light downward on the intended surface and all around” compared to most current LED bulbs and reportedly will feel cooler to the touch than CFLs and regular incandescent bulbs. GE thinks this 450 lumens light is such a big deal that it “has filed multiple patent applications for the bulb and expects it will be an Energy Star qualified LED omnidirectional light bulb.bulb.”

GE LED 9watt

image via GE

“This is a bulb that can virtually light your kid’s bedroom desk lamp from birth through high school graduation,” said John Strainic, global product general manager, GE Lighting, in a statement. “It’s an incredible advancement that’s emblematic of the imagination and innovation that GE’s applying to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.”

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