Nation’s Largest Utility-Scale Battery Smooths Power Transmission

Now that Electric Transmission Texas, LLC (ETT) has activated the largest utility-scale battery in the United States, it seems the aphorism “everything’s bigger in Texas” has been extended beyond steaks and steer to include the improvement of transmission reliability and smart grid usage.

The 4-megawatt NAS sodium-sulfur battery was energized on March 31 to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas grid. According to an ETT news release, the battery will provide benefits by promptly addressing voltage fluctuations and outages; supplying four megawatts of uninterrupted power for eight hours in the event of an outage; allow for Presidio’s electric load to receive uninterrupted power from Comisiόn Federal de Electricidad (CFE) in the event of an emergency; and enable maintenance on a transmission line running from Marfa to Presidio without any loss of service.


Image via ETT

“The battery system is controlled through an S&C Electric Company Smart Grid Storage Management System,” reads ETT’s release, “a fast-response, automatic power converter and controller that provides the ability to store energy in a variety of battery storage technologies and to control the discharge of that power into the electrical grid.” Representing part of a $70 million commitment by ETT to improve the reliability of transmissions in Presidio and its surrounding areas, a dedication ceremony on April 8 recognized the battery system’s installation.

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