McPhy Energy Researching High-Capacity Hydrogen Storage Tanks

McPhy Energy is one of the leading companies in solid state hydrogen storage technology, but they don’t intend for you to take their word for it. Knowing that action speaks louder than words, McPhy has partnered with CEA Liten (Laboratory of Innovation for New Energy Technologies and Nanomaterials) to research and manufacture two full-size magnesium hydride storage prototypes, which will be tested at industrial scale.

According to a McPhy-released new announcement regarding the research contract, the first storage tank with a 1 kg hydrogen capacity was delivered on March 29 of this year to CEA Liten. Within the confines of the agreement, a larger system with a 15 kg capacity will be installed and tested during the second half of 2010. “The targeted applications are electricity production in isolated sites,” explains the press release, “or peak shaving of electrical networks, with an improved safety and no negative environmental impact (no release of CO2 or wasted heat).”


Image via McPhy Energy

The system, when coupled with a hydrogen production device that utilizes renewable energy, should reduce the intermittent nature of these new energy sources. The application for the systems is electricity production in isolated areas with improved safety and zero release of carbon dioxide and wasted heat.

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