Joule Sunlight To Biofuel Process Named A Top Emerging Technology

Joule Biotechnologies, a biofuel start up which is developing a unique platform for the direct conversion of sunlight into a renewable biofuel source, announced today it has been selected by the prestigious publication Technology Review from MIT as one of the world’s ten most important emerging technologies for 2010.

Joule, according to PhysOrg, produces liquid fuel by “harvesting sunlight to directly convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into liquid fuel” called SolarFuel. This fuel is developed on something called the Helioculture platform that incorporates special photosynthetic organisms that capture the sunlight and act as catalysts to synthesize and secrete the fuels. It is seen as being a much cleaner biofuel production process compared to other ones. It reportedly will see a rollout as soon as 2012.


image via PhysOrg

“What would an ideal renewable fuel look like?,” said David Rotman, editor, Technology Review, in a statement. “The solution being developed by Joule appears to answer that question, and has the potential to compete with petroleum on a large scale, supplying us with a clean and homegrown source of fuel that can also be deployed worldwide,”

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