Jetyo Camcorder Charges via the Power of Sunlight… Albeit Slowly

Put simply, the HDV-T900 camcorder from Jetyo is a cycle of perpetual brightness: while you and the HDV capture the bright smiles of your friends and family, the brightness of the sun will keep the camcorder juiced for the next go-round.

The HDV-T900 requires four AA batteries — nothing too atypical, there. “The thing that makes this a conversation piece,” according to Engadget, “is the solar cell on the backside of the three-inch LCD display. [Jetyo] does say the current from the solar cell is 120mA. Assuming you’re using something like 2,500mAh AA rechargeable cells, you’re looking at about 25 hours of sunlight to recharge one battery.”

solar camcorder

Image via Engadget

Twenty-five hours of sunlight is a considerable amount, but the goal of the HDV doesn’t seem to be to replace the role of batteries, but to lessen their necessity: when you need the camcorder immediately, grab more batteries; but if you don’t need the camcorder for a day or so, let the batteries charged, or charge a couple and combine them with a pair of fresh batteries. In terms of other specs, the camcorder records to SDHC memory cards through what Engadget points out is apparently a fixed zoom lens.

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