House Introduces Legislation To Consider Smart Electronics Potential

The greenhouse gas impacts and energy costs of proliferation of electronic devices throughout the world is one which Rep Michael Honda (CA-15) sees as being a huge issue in the world of consumer electronics. The House representative for Silicon Valley wants to do something about this, introducing last week a bill which would “assess the potential of smart electronics to reduce home and office electricity demand, to incorporate smart electronics into the Energy Star Program, and for other purposes.”

H.R. 5070, also known as the Smart Electronics Act, would require the the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to, within a year after its passage, take a harder look at the sometimes flawed Energy Star program and how it rates energy efficient electronics. It would also call upon them to (1) “assess the global growth of electronics usage and utilization and the associated energy consumption” and (2) “standardize a process for defining, categorizing, and ranking technologies as ‘smart’.”


image via Energy Star

“This proliferation of electronic devices,” said Rep Honda in a statement, “if not made more energy efficient, will undermine efforts to increase energy security and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases responsible for global warming. The answer to this problem will not be found in stemming the tide of electronic gadget envy, no matter how functional or entertaining the device.  The answer is found in better devices that are built more efficiently and run on less energy. Importantly, this legislation helps us green the electronics industry by providing the private sector with reliable standards and incentives and by educating and empowering consumers to make smarter and more efficient choices – all of which help cool the planet.”

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