Honda U3-X Single Wheel Mobility Device Doing Wheelies Stateside

It was last year that we first brought you word of the U3-X, a strange little mobility device from Honda that runs off of electricity. We thought it had rolled off into history after that…until word surfaced today Honda is showing the unicycle-looking contraption off here in the United States for the first time. 

Honda said It is demoing the U3-X “through April 8 at the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square. A second demonstration will be held April 13-15, at the 2010 Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress in Detroit, Michigan.” The company also put forth some details about it, most of which is already known. It is said to employ, for example, the world’s first  omni-directional driving wheel system “which utilizes a series of concentrically mounted wheels” to let one move in any direction – including diagonal – by leaning in the desired direction. It is driven by a lithium ion battery that provides up to one hour of use and can be charged via a standard wall outlet. 

Honda U3-X

image via Honda

Images released with the U3-X, such as the one above, suggest you’ll be happily riding alongside a friend while chatting with them or perhaps even taking one of these for a spin in your local museum. We do like the idea of the U3-X, don’t get us wrong, but we aren’t quite sure yet about the true practicalities of this device were it ever to be made available for sale to the public.

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