Hitachi Doubles Down On Typical Lithium Ion Battery Life

Lithium ion batteries are at the heart of many rechargeable electronics that you use, as well as being an integral part of many green car power systems. These batteries, like any other, run out of the ability to be recharged after so much time. What if they could last double the time they are already though? Hitachi says it has come up with a way to do this, reports Inhabitat.

Hitachi in Japan, according to a translated corporate news release, has developed a new cathode material for the lithium ion battery, effectively doubling the typical lifespan of this type of battery to around 10 years. The details behind this are very technical but, in essence, Hitachi said that “by replacing some of the elements manganese [and other elements], the crystal structure is stabilized, preventing a decrease in battery technology” and that “the mixture of oxide compound [is] preventing a decrease in battery technology to reduce the dissolved manganese.”

Hitachi Li-Ion

image via Hitachi

The potential applications for this in regards to consumer electronics, smart grids, electric cars and other areas that make use of lithium-ion battery technology are pretty significant, especially if the price point of this new technology is right enough. A longer lasting battery helps prevent e-waste build up. It will be necessary though to develop a suitable recycling solution for when the 10 year battery life is over.

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