GM Showcases Chevy Volt Crossover Electric Vehicle Concept

GM, through its Chevrolet brand, has busily been hyping up its upcoming Volt electric car to the American market. Overseas, the Volt concept in China is getting an interesting new twist as GM announced recently a concept electric crossover with extended range capability that while being showcased in the Chinese market, could hopefully see light of day here someday.

The Volt MPV5 concept, as it is being called, makes use of the some electric propulsion system which will be on board the Volt. The vehicle is larger, however, with its body being 181 mm longer (4,585 mm), 73 mm wider (1,871 mm) and 182 mm taller (1,612 mm) than the Volt. It will be able to “meet full vehicle speed and acceleration requirements while driving the vehicle and its five occupants up to 51.5 km on pure electric propulsion.” When the battery falters, a 1.4-liter engine generator sustains the battery charge and provides up to 482 km of electric propulsion.

Chevy Volt MPV5

image via GM

“The Volt MPV5 concept demonstrates the flexibility of the Voltec propulsion system, which can produce enough electric power to propel a range of vehicles. from a compact sedan like the Volt to a crossover like the Volt MPV5 concept,” said Doug Parks, Global Vehicle Line Executive and Global Vehicle Chief Engineer for Electric Vehicles at GM, in a statement.

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  • Reply April 27, 2010

    Mark Cromwell

    Finally a step in the right direction. However; in usual GM fashion they will ruin it with some knock’off that looks nothing like this vehicle and at a fraction of the technical wizardry, and functionality.

    Furthermore GM desperately needs to show LARGE VOLUME production to sure up it’s place in tomorrow’s EV market place. Sadly though they will only produce this in “…limited production” or not production at all which could suggest ( as usual ) that this is just good press and not a real commitment. A repeating theme for GM unfortunately.

    May I recommend the GOSS132 EV. So far, by all estimates what you see is what you get, and not a bad looking vehicle at all. Not just a ‘concept’, but an actual model you will be able to purchase. if anyone is interested.


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