GE, Nissan Shack Up At Intersection Of Smart Grids And Electric Cars

As new smart technologies emerge, one might ask the 21st century equivalent of the “which came first: the chicken or the egg?” question more in terms of “which should come first: the electric car or the smart grid?” Both are important green technologies to be sure, but interoperability between the two will be paramount to equal success, which therefore explains a new agreement between GE (smart grid) and Nissan (Leaf electric car) “to research new technology developments that will make smart charging a reality.”

The agreement between the two companies, as it is spelled out, focuses upon two areas for knowledge sharing: “the first  relates to the integration of electric vehicles with homes and buildings. The second focuses on electric vehicle charging dynamics with the larger electric grid.” No specifics beyond this were spelled out yet by the two as part of the three year hitch up, but both plan to “work to identify specific projects they can partner on in each of these areas.”

GE and Nissan

image via GE

“In the past few years, we have seen an acceleration of innovations in plug-in hybrid and electric cars that have sparked a revolution in smart-charging technologies,” said Mark Little, senior vice president and director, GE Global Research, in a statement. “Together with Nissan, we will take a comprehensive look at what technologies will be needed in the car, on the grid and at home or work to make smart charging a reality.”

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