Fujitsu Develops Power Strip that Monitors Energy Usage

When you plug in a computer, your television, a lamp, or any of the thousands of other electronic devices that require electricity to operate, you know they’re using your electricity — but just how much are they chugging? A new power strip developed by Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. comes equipped with a power sensor that monitors each of the strip’s outlets in real-time, perfect for tracking down just how much juice is being consumed.

We’ve covered power strips that sends excess energy to light fixtures and others that act as control switches for other devices, but the Fujitsu strip, when combined with an Internet connection, allows users to view detailed statistics analogous to those displayed by smart meters. ” Each outlet of the power strip is equipped with a contactless power sensor that has a resolution of 1W and can measure up to 2,000W,” explains Tech-on. The sensor gathers power usage data and sends it to “a LAN network by using a transmitter connected to the USB port on the lateral side of the power strip and monitored on a server or a PC.”

fujitsu power strip

Image via Tech-on

Fujitsu applied the strip to their own company and noticed and immediate 20 percent decrease in consumption thanks to their ability to track down high-usage devices. After a few more rounds of tests, Fujitsu will put together a how-where-when plan to make the power strip commercially available.

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