New U.S. Solar Thermal Plant To Be Built In Austin, Texas

Big things are happening in Texas. Earlier this month, the Lone Star State became home to the nation’s largest utility-scale battery. Last week, ThermalSoul, a provider of renewable thermal power, announced that it is currently selecting a site on which to develop Austin’s first solar thermal power generation facility.

At the facility, which will be ThermalSoul’s first in the U.S., ThermalSoul believes it will be able to produce power at or close to the wholesale cost of coal. “Following construction of the ThermalSoul facility,” reads a release issued by ThermalSoul, “the company anticipates generating up to 10 megawatts of electricity – enough to power 7,000 to 9,000 homes.”


image via Thermalsoul

Due to the technology’s scalability and little acreage requirements, ThermalSoul states that its facility can be easily expanded to meet future energy needs. The company states that thermal energy is typically “10 times more efficient than wind or solar energy.” Additionally, its use of clean resources such as sun, salt, and water make it a source of perpetual green power.

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