Envision Motor Company Envisions Future with Three More EV Choices

Drivers interested in making the jump from petrol-fueled cars to electric vehicles (EVs) already have dozens of cars to choose from, but Envision Motor Company dreams of a future with even more selections — three more, to be exact. Beginning this June, Envision will launch a trio of EVs, each of which is anticipated to cost less than $30,000 after the $7,500 tax credit.

Because each driver has a specific vehicle preference, Envision’s three EVs will cater to three distinct tastes. “Envision Motor Company (EMC) plans to start selling an all-electric seven-passenger wagon, a utility van and a small pickup truck at a number of dealerships across the country,” according to Autoblog Green. Look for Envision’s triple threat to make their debut in an American test drive tour slated for May.

envision trio

Image via Autoblog Green

Sleek and stylish they certainly are, but each of the EVs has what it counts beneath their hoods as well. On-board chargers, the ability to plug into standard household 110V circuits, a charge time ranging from six to eight hours, and a 24 kWh sodium nickel chloride battery that will take drivers up to 200 miles at 75-plus miles per hour. Dealership availability has yet to be announced, though it is known that EVCARCO and Gabus Automotive Distributors will handle distribution.

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