Emissions Free Air-Powered Moped Offers Pedals for Airless Travel

At first glance, the scuba tanks attached to a moped designed by Michigan Tech seniors might look like a one-man vehicle for underwater exploration capable of providing plenty of air supply but no way to keep from getting more than a little wet. In reality, the scuba tanks contain the air used to power the air-powered vehicle.

Designed as a senior project for students enrolled in Michigan Tech’s Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics, the moped relies primarily on air, but old-fashioned pedaling can be used as a backup should the bike run out of breath, so to speak. ” Two standard scuba tanks containing 3,000 psi of air are mounted on either side of the rear wheel,” according to a Michigan Tech news post. “The driver can pedal around using the moped’s bicycle gears or engage the pressurized air to reach a top speed of about 12 mph on the flat.”


Image via Michigan Tech

After much consideration, the team embarked on a mission to construct a vehicle not reliant on gas stations for refueling. While only capable of traveling approximately 1.5 miles on air power, the bike emits nothing but air, making it a bonafide Zero Emissions Vehicle.

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