Company Develops Safer, Smaller Delivery System For Hydrogen Fuel

In case you haven’t noticed of late, cars powered by hydrogen technology have massively been getting overshadowed by vehicles with hybrid and electric technologies in the news. While the buzz is certainly around a future where these type of eco-driven cars are more the norm, hydrogen fuel cells in a small, more easy to handle format that are being developed may bring some of that spotlight back to this particular clean fuel technology branch.

C.En Ltd, according to the Associated Press, is developing hydrogen fuel technology “packed into glass filaments which, once out of the lab, will be only slightly thicker than a human hair.” A large number of these filaments, when bundled together, reportedly take up a small amount of space compared to traditional fuel cell technology while driving “a car for 400 kilometers (240 miles).”

C. En

image via C.EN Ltd

The company, in detailing its technology, sees the major benefits of its hydrogen storage technology as being, among other things, a safe means for transportation, a better form of environmental fuel and a convenience of being used with a variety of engine types. It is noted by the AP that this company does have a ways to go still before its technology will see the light of day in a mainstream market.

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