Clothes Washer is Two-in-One Chair, Ionizer-Powered Cleaner

Designer and artist Harsha Vardhan R recently asked himself a question: what is the nature of a chair? Cannot a chair be a chair during some moments and, say, a clothes cleaner during others? Why not indeed.

The Alternative Clothes Cleaner is both a chair and, as its name suggests, an alternative clothes cleaner. When not in use, the apparatus functions as a chair. Later on when there’s clothes cleaning to be done, the device opens up Transformers-style to reveal a netted cavity in which clothes are placed for cleaning. Users begin the chair’s cleaning function via a panel that slides in and out of the chair,” explains Vardhan R. “When activated, “pressure currents are set in motion through the chambers due to the low pressure region above the ionizer due to the ionizer fan. The fan pulls in air through the ducts on either side of the Tech unit. Thus through constant pressure cycles with varying fan speeds the ionizer cleans the clothes.” The cleaner itself is concealed, so no one but the user need know that what appears to be a chair is also his or her primary means of clothes cleaning.

alternative clothes cleaner

Image via Harsha Vardhan R

Such outside-the-box manners of thinking are routine for Vardhan R, who expresses a desire to challenge his own way of thinking by designing unexpected yet efficient and functional devices. “Should an appliance look like one? Should it occupy dead space when not in use? These are the questions i have tried to answer in my exploration. The end result is a piece of furniture in the PASSIVE state and an appliance in the ACTIVE state.”

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