Chevy Volt Hits 39.9 Miles Electric Only Driving Range In GM Tests

For all you electric vehicle drivers itching for a Chevrolet Volt, Chevy has a bit of news to throw your way: according to chief engineer Andrew Farah, recent calibration drives of pre-production Chevrolet Volts have hit 39.9 miles of electric-driving range with no emissions.

Able to travel up to 300 miles beyond its electric range due to a small on-board gasoline engine, the Volt is currently prepping for a game of hot and cold — cold testing conducted in Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada, and time spent in toasty Yuma, Arizona to make sure the Volt can take the heat. Eager to assure that the Volt’s forthcoming tests won’t interfere with its release schedule, Andrew Farah assured media at a recent test site that the vehicle is on track for an initiation of regular production in the fourth quarter of this year; 2012 model vehicles remain slated for a European launch.

chevrolet volt

Image via Chevrolet

Also up to par is the vehicle’s battery pack, one specially designed for the Volt and Ampera. “So far, more than 850,000 miles of customer use lab testing have been completed on the battery pack,” according to a GM release.

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