BioLite Camping Stove Does Up Food And Your Electronics

A camping trip necessitates plenty of bare essentials, which means everyone involved usually strives to pack as little as possible in order to lighten the loads that will be hauled during long treks in search of a campsite. In the spirit of minimalism, BioLite contrived a camping stone that cooks your dinner and charges your portable electronics.

Quite an eclectic combo, but Gizmodo seems to think it a pretty snazzy idea. “Powered by a thermoelectric generator, the fan separates wood gas from the sticks and other pieces of wood you’ve lit,” the site explains. “The generator stores any excess power generated while the fire is burning, so it can be connected to your gadgets” via USB. And of course, a camping trip isn’t the only use for the BioLite stove: take it out to the backyard, use it to roast marshmallows while you chat on your cell phone, then employ the stove’s recharge capabilities while you scarf s’mores.

biolite stove

Image via BioLite

Purportedly, only four minutes of prep time are required to get a pot of water boiling. The two-in-one charger-stove is not yet available, although BioLite hopes for the device to be in stores this spring.

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