Best Buy Pledges to Recycle 1 Billion Pounds of Consumer Electronics

Far be it for Dell and Goodwill to keep the electronics recycling scene to themselves. Beginning this past Earth Day, April 22, Best Buy began collecting old and unused electronics and appliances toward a lofty goal of 1 billion pounds of e-trash.

“The 1 billion pound goal is a significant increase over current levels and is intended to help increase responsible consumer action and capture a greater share of the current electronics waste stream,” reads a press release. Best Buy targeted April 22 as the date on which customers should begin pledging online via its Recycle It On website, which the electronics retail giant hopes will encourage greater use of its recycling and trade-in programs. Using the website, customers can make a pledge by selecting the product(s) they wish to recycle and entering their zip code, viewing the total number of pledges made, and passing on program info to friends.

best buy recycling

Image via Best Buy

In 2009, Best Buy collected over 120 million pounds of waste from U.S. consumers, split almost evenly between electronics and appliances. Over 1 million Facebook users have become fans of the retail juggernaut via Facebook, and each of those 1 million fans will be asked to join the Recycle It On cause.

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