Affordable Green Housing Development Springs Up For Oakland Residents

Consumers have been going wild for green homes as of late. Not one to miss out on an eco-friendly trend, David Baker + Partners Architects has unveiled the design of a new green residential housing complex to be located in Oakland, California.

According to Eco Friend, “the development features a range of affordable housing solutions that are surrounded by green pathways, pocket parks and open spaces.” To fit the living space needs of an assortment of tenants, the development will be townhouses and apartments of varying sizes, such as a studio build. Occupants of the environmentally friendly development will have plenty to do: the seven-and-a-half-acre housing suite will be anchored to a nearby plaza; also nearby will be a semi-private sheltered area for residents.

db green home

Image via DB + Partners Architects

Some of the development’s green attributes are LEED ND Gold certification, a rating system that combines green building with urban panache, and solar energy to be harvested for hot water and electricity, which will reduce pressure on the grid to provide for so many residents. The development is currently under construction.

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