Waterpebble Hangs With You In Shower To Help You Stay Green

We’ve seen some cool concepts for conserving water in the shower, but the Waterpebble is definitely the least obtrusive. Not to mention, kind of cute. Hence the tag: “your little water saver.”

This clever gizmo sits right in your shower drain where, according to Ecofriend, it measures the amount of water from your first shower and memorizes it, as a kind of benchmark. Thereafter, the Waterpebble flashes green when you start, yellow when you should be in the middle of your shower, and red when you really should be getting out. Each time you shower, the Waterpebble shaves just a little more time off your the schedule, helping you conserve water.


image via Waterpebble

Of course, there’s a limit to how little water we can use while still getting the job done–so it seems a little curious that the Waterpebble doesn’t have an ideal “eco-shower” time (i.e., a point where it will stop trying to get us out of the shower earlier). However, the company that manufactures the device states that it can be reset at any time, so perhaps when that red light starts blinking as soon as you’ve soaped up, it’s time to hit the reset switch.

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