Trigon Electric Vehicle Concept Looks Like Squeezed Golf Cart

Vehicles large enough to occupy the space of two automobiles are a common sight in bumper-to-bumper traffic jams, as common as the rumble of their motors and the emission of their noxious fumes. Industrial designers Alexandros TH Katinis and Kim Katinis spent time brainstorming a vehicle designed to cut back on space and fumes, and came to the conclusion of the Trigon, a single-seat, three-wheeled electric vehicle that’s as agile as it is eco-friendly.

Currently in the concept stage, the Trigon is powered by two in-wheel electric motors, thereby eliminating harmful emissions. Somewhat resembling a compressed golf cart, the vehicle was intentionally designed to be easy to maneuver on crowded streets, according to Ecofriend. Moreover, the cockpit comfortably fits only a single occupant, though Michelin Challenge Design observes that a two-seater model will be available.

trigon ev

Image via Ecofriend

The single-seat design is due to the designers’ intention to craft a vehicle with minimum volume, weight, and load, all of which attribute to a longer battery autonomy. Additionally, the vehicle is comprised of fewer components, enabling an easier method of recycling individual components and reducing the waste of raw materials.

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