Superbus Idea Gives Public Buses Batmobile Like Looks

Public buses are a necessity, yet there’s always a round of sighing and abashedly glancing back and forth as you board one. This often doesn’t have as much to do with the act of riding a bus as it has to do with the bus itself: they’re large, loud, and uncomfortable. They putter, they rumble, they wheeze and grumble. Time for a change? How about instead riding an electric bus that resembles an elongated Batmobile?

Enter the Superbus, an electric vehicle designed by students attending UT Delft in the Netherlands. The super-sleek, super-long Superbus “aims to make bus-riding attractive again by decking out the vehicle with a carbon-fiber shell, a low chassis, and sixteen individual gullwing doors,” according to Inhabitat. Similarly to most electric vehicles, the Superbus uses a block of lithium-polymer batteries to power its 800-horsepower motor. The vehicle is able to travel 130 miles before requiring a recharge.


Image via Inhabitat

Rather than employ routes, transportation on the Superbus is more comparable to a limousine: the students envision customers calling ahead to buy seats on the Superbus, which would pick them up at a designated pickup time and location. The Superbus driver would then determine the quickest, most efficient route to escort all customers to their destinations.

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