Some Automakers Unite For Global Electric Vehicle Charging Standard

Most of us are forced to lug around multiple chargers for our many portable electronic devices. Do we really want to drive our electric vehicles around to various charge stations in an effort to find the one that best recharges our vehicle’s particular battery? Nope, says Toyota and Nissan, who recently established Chademo, a group to develop a standard for fast-charge stations for electric cars.

The benefits of electric vehicles are many, but so are the hurdles they face: “costly batteries and a limited driving distance compared with conventional cars, as well as the lack of infrastructure to recharge when away from home,” according to CNet. (Although home stations are slowly becoming available.)


Image via CNet

The standardization that Chademo hopes to design will go a long way in minimizing those issues. According to a press release issued by Toyota, Chademo will focus on increase quick-charge stations worldwide, as well as a method of charging vehicles. With over 1,000 electric cars and 150 fast-charge stations in Japan, Chademo will focus on developing the standard there before working to spread it across the globe.

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