SOLO Vehicle Moves Via Pedals, Goes Electric When You Poop Out

Technophiles can go on all they want about portable electronics and electric cars and all sorts of other crazy innovations — sometimes the best fuel for a machine isn’t gasoline or even electricity, but the kinetic energy produced by our own movement and muscle power. Hungarian designers Antro are embracing that view and employing it in the form of the SOLO, a vehicle that will combine a hybrid electric motor with the brawn of its passengers.

Similar to the human-powered HumanCar, the SOLO is “a fuel-efficient [three-seat vehicle] where the driver is flanked on either side by a passenger and all three would join forces to propel the SOLO Light using pedals in front of them,” according to Gizmag. But the key difference comes in the inclusion of an electric motor, perfect for when the occupants–or a sole driver–tires of powering the vehicle using its pedals. Photovoltaic cells built into the roof power the electric hub motors stationed at each wheel. The electric motors currently only provide a range of 12 miles, resulting in the SOLO being quite dependent on occupants’ desire for exercise. However, Antro aims to install a fuel engine that will achieve an efficiency of 150 mpg and should allow the vehicle to hit a top speed of approximately 87 mph.


Image via Gizmag

Three seats not enough for your larger family? The SOLO’s modular design will accommodate linking with one other SOLO, making for twice the manpower and seating space. Imagine the look on the faces of passersby when combined SOLOs split into two and veer off in different directions!

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