Smart Grid Goes DIY With New Hardware Kit From AmercianGrid

Being able to keep track of real time energy usage within your home is key to helping to be more environmentally friendly and also saving money on your utility bills. AmericanGrid is a company who wants to help you do this through the development of your own personal smart grid. The company calls its solution the Smart Home Energy Network, which is pricing for around $500.

The Smart Home Energy Network kit from AmericanGrid consists of a number of pieces of hardware, including a home energy Internet gateway, home energy monitor, smart wireless thermostat, appliance controllers and a wireless repeater. This kit is designed to be installed by the homeowner, according to AmericanGrid, and reportedly comes with everything needed to get it up and running.

American Grid

image via AmericanGrid

Like a smart grid, the devices in the AmericanGrid kit all work together to help you keep track of and adjust your energy usage on the fly. All of the energy usage data collected is tracked by “a 7×24 home energy monitoring service keeps an eye on all energy-hogging home appliances and adjusts them automatically based on easily customizable energy templates.” Users do most of their control through a special “personal home energy portal” that is Web based, allowing one to see how energy dollars are being spent, as well as defining energy control standards for different times of day and being able to remotely turn on and off connected devices. Of interest is also the fact some of these remote features can also be controlled via text messages from a mobile phone.

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