Prius Cruising Down Highway Reportedly Gets Accelerator Stuck

Remember Toyota’s recent little issue with the 2010 model Prius and its anti-lock brakes which caused quite a public stir earlier this year? Now another high profile event related to a 2008 model having its accelerator reportedly get stuck while the driver was cruising down a highway has put the Japanese auto maker in a bad light again. This fresh body blow occurred yesterday in San Diego, California.

This time around, according to the San Diego Union Tribune, one James Sikes was driving home on a local highway when he suddenly found the accelerator of his 2008 Toyota Prius getting stuck. He said the vehicle reportedly started speeding up, hitting a high of over 90 MPH. Sikes contacted the California Highway Patrol via his cell phone, who arrived on scene as the Prius sped out of control on the road. The CHP officer worked with the driver to get the Prius speed down to a low enough level whereby the police car could be used “as a barrier” to help him come to a complete stop.

Prius San Diego

image via San Diego Union Tribune

Toyota, made aware of the event, said in a statement it was dispatching “a field technical specialist to San Diego to investigate the report and offer assistance.” Toyota has had problems with accelerators getting stuck in other vehicles in its line up.

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