Nokia Targets Body Jiggles For Kinetic Power For Mobile Phones

Cell phone users who can’t seem to conduct a conversation without pacing the room and gesticulating wildly might benefit from swapping their current cell for Nokia’s eventual kinetic energy-based phone, which harvests the energy expended by marching and gesturing and uses it to continually top off the phone’s battery.

The idea of a kinetically charged phone isn’t unique, but Nokia’s approach to the technology, as detailed in a recently filed patent, is. According to Tree Hugger, the cell phone would contain heavier components encapsulated within a more durable frame. The frame would sit on two sets of rails: one allowing the frame to shift vertically, the other set allowing it to move horizontally. “As the user walks around or jostles the phone, the frame bumps against strips of piezoelectric crystals at the end of each rail and generates a current, which then charges a capacitor that keeps the phone’s battery topped off.”

nokia phone

Image via Jurvetson

Nokia admits that kinetic motion wouldn’t be enough to provide a full charge. Instead, their goal is to keep the battery alive a bit longer than usual. While one goes about the day’s activities–walking around, commuting to work, running errands–the constant motion of the phone would keep the battery chugging along until a proper charge could be provided.

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