New AT&T Mobile Phone Charger Is Vampire Power Free

AT&T unveiled today for its wireless customers a mobile charger for cell phones which completely shuts itself down when not needed but left pugged in, doing away with the vampire power issue. This new AT&T Zero Charger, being showcased in conjunction with Superior Communications, will be available nationwide in May.

The AT&T Zero Chargeris a mobile phone charger which is designed to sense “when a mobile phone is not plugged up to the charger,” completely cutting the power coming from the wall outlet the charger is plugged into in such a case. It comes in a ‘block and cable’ design for maximum interchangeability, according to AT&T, allowing users to carry the charger with them as they switch from handset to another.

AT&T Zero Charger

image via AT&T

“We were happy to accept AT&T’s challenge to design and introduce the worlds first automatic zero draw charger. Innovations like this help everyone take those small steps which will, in the end, lead to a better environment for all,” said Solomon Chen, chief executive officer and founder of Superior Communications, in a statement.

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