myFC Debuts New Fuel Cell Chargers For Mobile Phones

An increasing reliance on cell phones has resulted in an all too common commiseration: being caught in the middle of nowhere with a depleted cell phone battery. Offering a sustainable method of recharging your connection to the rest of the world is a new portable fuel cell charger from myFC AB, which was recently unveiled at the Mobile World Congress.

Targeting developing countries, the H3 series and B2 series of portable fuel cell chargers are a compact hydrogen fuel cell power source designed to operate even in extreme environmental conditions. According to Green Cleaning Ideas, the “fuel cell inside the casing silently splits hydrogen into electricity via its ‘Proton Exchange Membrane’. The user has to periodically top up the fuel cell with energized aluminum powder, which reacts with water to generate electricity and release a small amount of water vapor.”


Image via myFC

Housed within a durable plastic casing, the portable fuel cell charger contains no moving parts and is available in three different forms: two designed for outdoor use, and one able to be attached to the rear of a laptop computer screen. For those who rely on game devices or music players even more than cell phones, the H3 line of chargers are handy for charging those as well, while the B2 series is intended for smart phones.

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