Lighting Gets Smart As Digital Lumens Targets Wasted Energy

Technology has allowed humans to orchestrate many extraordinary breakthroughs, but without a human operator to supply instructions, even the most advanced piece of equipment is just a bunch of wires and circuitry incapable of action without human input. Earlier this morning, Digital Lumens announced the Intelligent Lighting System – a composition entailing LEDs, software, and networking – that actually has a mind of its own.

Digital Lumens claims the Intelligent Lighting System is capable of reducing lighting-related energy use by as much as 90 percent in warehouses and industrial sites. Consisting of several LED-based light fixtures, each fixture is equipped with onboard computing, sensing, and built-in intelligence. Upon activation, the fixtures form a Smart Light Grid – a network of light, that utilizes system-wide intelligence and integrated controls capable of greater efficiency results standard fixtures.

digital lumens

Image via Digital Lumens

All fixtures within the Smart Light Grid are able to “communicate with each other, respond to a neighboring fixture’s state and/or system-wide programming, and provide usage and occupancy data to the Light Rules management system,” according to the press release. Does all that technological sentience make you leery? Users needn’t worry about the Intelligent Lighting System pulling a HAL 9000: the system’s management software provides facility managers with the tools to monitor energy usage themselves, allowing them to specify system behavior, receive updated kWh usage, and more.

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