KB Home Targets California Homes To Meet Voluntary Eco Standard

With green technology evolving at a rapid pace, more attention is being devoted to the home. After all, one can easily equip one’s home with solar panels, portable wind turbines, and a host of other green doodads, but why shouldn’t new homes be eco-friendly beginning at the blueprint stage? Earlier this month, homebuilder KB Home adopted that notion by announcing that all KB Home-built communities in Northern California in 2010 will be built according to Build It Green’s GreenPoint Rated standards.

The Build It Green website likens its GreenPoint rating system to a report card. The subjects on which homes will be graded: resource conservation, indoor air quality, water conservation, community, and energy efficiency. Asserting GreenPoint to be more rigid than the federal government’s Energy Star program and California’s Title 24, Build It Green explains that all GreenPoint Rated homes are designed from the ground up to be more efficient in their heating and cooling, consume less energy, provides considerable savings for homebuyers, and targets improved efficiency in areas such as CO2 emissions.

kb home

Image via KB Home

Additionally, KB Home’s Built To Order program allows homebuyers to choose other earth-friendly components for their new homes via the company’s My Home. My Earth program. Categories offered in the program are energy efficiency, inside environment, water wise and sustainable sources. Targeting North Haven in San Jose, Cantara Place at Positano in Dublin, and the Bay Area as its initial building sites for GreenPoint Rated homes, KB Home intends to open dozens more as the year progresses, as well as beyond 2010.

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