Joule EV Slowly Nearing Production Model Finish Line

Automobile followers curious for more tidbits regarding automaker Optimal Energy’s Joule electric vehicle (EV) have had no choice but to adopt the “good things come to those who wait” mantra. Since the EV’s debut in 2008 at the Paris Auto Show, few facts have surfaced regarding the car. All questions will be answered¬† with the final design of the Joule unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show.

According to Green Car Advisor, showcasing the EV’s final design is a precursor to the planned production of the Joule, which is planned to go on sale in 2013 in South Africa, home of Optimal Energy. A test fleet of 100 Joules will be occupying South African roads this summer, all of which will be hand-built in East London by Hi Tech Automotive. The five-seater will be priced around $33,120 and includes a bevy of additional features such as a five-star NCAP safety rating and genuine freeway cruising capability.


Image via Green Car Advisor

Each Joule is powered by a 36 kWh Lithium-ion battery, as reported by World Car Fans, allowing for a range of approximately 186 miles on a full charge. Charging is accomplished via plugging into a standard outlet, or by way of an optional solar panel roof.

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