Green Furniture Idea Exercises You While Generating Laptop Power

Have you been struck by a hankering to revamp your living room furniture with a certain “Star Trek Enterprise captain’s chair meets environmentally friendly” theme? Designer Rizki Tarisa submits the GO, a futuristic chair with LED lights, a table, exercise bike, and an eco-friendly design that marks a good first step in transforming your living room from simple family meeting place to holodeck.

Designed by Tarisa for entry in the Malaysian International Furniture Fair and winner of the Ideation Award, the three-in-one exercise bike, laptop table, and lounge chair allows its occupant to “exercise … while watching movies, listening to the music, or even working/browsing internet on our laptop,” according to Tarisa. If you don’t feel like groping for an outlet once you’ve settled, pedaling the built-in exercise bike pedals can be used to generate electricity for your tech toy.


Image via Rizki Tarisa

In addition to allowing the occupant to shirk electricity consumption in favor of pedaling, iGreenSpot points out that the GO is made from sustainable material, making it a quite the multi-faceted green device.

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