Ferrari Shows Up At Geneva Auto Show With Hy-Kers Hybrid Concept

Ferrari, which recently confirmed it would be showcasing a hybrid vehicle at the Geneva Auto Show, announced today from Geneva the Hy-Kers vettura laboratorio (experimental vehicle). The luxury auto manufacturer said, in unveiling this concept car, that this is an example of how it is “approaching the development of hybrid technology without losing sight of the performance traits and driving involvement that have always exemplified its cars.”

Ferrari has developed, based upon its “racing experience,” what it feels is an advanced, lightweight hybrid drivetrain tied to the 599 GTB Fiorano being used for this concept design. The drivetrain is positioned below the centre of gravity to ensure that the interior and luggage space are entirely unaffected. The integrated lithium-ion battery pack is similarly positioned below the floorpan.

Ferrari HY-KERS

image via Ferrari

As far as the electric motor in this hybrid concept goes, Ferrari had a lot to say about it. The motor was reportedly designed, engineered and constructed to help “optimise the longitudinal and lateral dynamics of the car, enhancing traction and brake balance” while sporting “a unique cooling and lubrication system for maximum efficiency under all operating temperatures and loads.” It is a compact, tri-phase, high-voltage electric motor coupled to the rear of the dual-clutch 7-speed F1 transmission built into the Hy-Kers. It operates through one of the transmission’s two clutches and engages one of the two gearbox primary shafts, according to Ferrari, allowing for better power coupling between the electric motor and the V12 engine. The end result for lower C02 emissions is a reduction on the ECE + EUDC combined cycle by 35 per cent.

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