Evolute Water Usage Reduction Toilet One Earth Friendly Crapper

Without delving too deeply into the gory details, a lot more than waste is disposed of when one flushes a toilet: six to 12 liters of water are used every time a toilet is flushed. A more water-friendly commode for your abode as an option comes from Australian inventors Tom Trainor and Mark Hutton, whose Evolute toilet has been engineered to use up to 90 percent less water than conventional toilets.

Rather than send streams of water pouring into the bowl, the Evolute, which is still in the prototype stage, employs a rotating, cup-shaped metal sphere that prevents access to the sewer line at the bottom of the bowl. “The top of this sphere has a hollow bored into it,” says Gizmag, “creating a cup-shaped depression. Your waste runs into this cup, then when you flush the Evolute, the metal sphere is rotated upside down, releasing the waste into the drainage pipe.” As the cup flips back up, a single jet of water rinses out the cup while another stream rinses the sides of the bowl. The end result: one liter of water used per flush.


Image via Innoglobe

The Evolute also serves a role in cutting down on electricity: because the Evolute’s cup rotation and water jets are powered by the hydraulic pressure of the user’s water mains, no electricity is required, though electric motor options are available. According to Innoglobe, the Evolute is primed to provide water savings of approximately 50,000 liters per year, per installation.

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