Energy Lock Locks Out Energy-Hungry Electronics After Set Time

Whether at work or at home, most of us use our computers for hours during the day, making it inconvenient to run maintenance tasks such as disk defragmentation and anti-virus monitoring during hours of heavy use. When is the best time for such software to safeguard your computer? At night, but that means approximately eight hours of power being used when such tasks, if ran regularly, require only an hour or so total, leaving you with a higher electric bill than is necessary.

The Energy Lock concept, designed by Young Suk Kim, is a combination outlet port and timer similar in design to time-based power strips. After plugging the Energy Lock into an outlet, a device is plugged into the Energy Lock itself, which is able to provide power to the device for a variable amount of time. “Plug your plug in,” explains Yanko Design, “turn it as a crank, and let it time down. After the amount of time you choose, the power ends.”

energy lock

Image via Yanko Design

Times of 15, 30, or 45 minutes are selected by twisting the Energy Lock’s dial in various directions after a device has been connected to the lock. Constant usage can also be selected, providing continuous power to equipment until the user sees fit to set the Energy Lock’s timer. For example, plug in a computer to the Energy Lock and set it to constant use during the day, then set the timer before leaving work or shuffling off to bed, allotting plenty of time for maintenance software to run before shutdown.

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