Eco Electric ATV Offers Quieter Ride In Back Country

The market for electric cars made for residential and highway driving is thriving, but what about electric vehicles for drivers who enjoy bouncing and tumbling across rugged terrain for recreation, or those who need a work tool instead of a conventional ride? Enter the adult-sized Eco Electric ATV, a quiet, zero-emissions, rough-riding alternative designed by Electric Vehicle Systems, Inc.

Whether prospective buyers intend to ride for fun or to get things done, the Eco Electric ATV sports versatility and capability in spades. “It is the first all electric zero-emission, adult sized ATV with adult sized power and torque for extreme terrain,” according to the product website. Boasting three times the torque of a gas-powered SUV, the Eco Electric ATV’s six 12V-50AH SLA AGM batteries run for eight hours on a single charge, allowing riders plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors or get in a day’s work before reigning in the vehicle.

eco atv

Image via Eco Electric ATV

Eager to get back in the proverbial saddle for more work on recreational riding? You won’t have long to wait: according to TreeHugger, “you can charge it up in six hours … on about 40 cents worth of electricity.” The idea of an electric ATV certainly is interesting, unless as the driver uses it in a responsible manner when off-roading.

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