Earthwise Electric Lawn Motor Readies You For Spring Yard Mowing

Hybrid vehicles and other alternative fuel-based solutions to transportation are instrumental in cutting down on fossil fuel usage, but many lawn care devices such as lawn mowers remain notorious for guzzling gallons of gas. If you desire for your lawn care products to be as earth-friendly as your driving, you might consider the Earthwise Lawn Mower the next time your yard is in need of a trim. 

Featuring an electric motor powered by a 24-volt battery system, the Earthwise Lawn Mower deftly provides “the ability to provide consistent performance that is exactly similar to the gas-powered lawn mower,” according to iGreenSpot. A single full charge should allow an Earthwise mower to be used for the length of time needed to spruce up most lawns, and also eliminates the frustrating process of tugging a cord to start the device courtesy of a cordless operation. 

earthwise mower

Image via Earthwise

Available in a variety of models on popular online retail sites, the Earthwise Lawn Mower offers an attractive amenity for those not always able to mow at considerate hours of the day: a relatively noise-free operation, perfect if the only time one has to mow is when one’s neighbors are preparing to turn in for the day.

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