Bionic Flower Humidifier Puts Strange Twist On Fake Plants

A humidifier that fulfills “emotional needs?” That is the idea, apparently, behind the Bionic Humidifier concept by Gonglue Jiang, which resembles a potted plant.

Choose your humidifier from amongst a variety of pretty flower shapes. Keep it happy and fresh with water–should you forget, you’ll get an eye-catching reminder: a sagging, withered-looking fake flower (that of course will pop right up as soon as you water it).  According to Yanko Design, the Bionic Humidifier replaces the mechanical whir of a conventional humidifier with a nice cool, natural-feeling breeze.


image via Yanko Design

On the one hand, this design makes sense; if you need to have a humidifier around, why not make it as innocuous and aesthetically-pleasing as possible? On the other hand, the whole emotional design thing seems a little strange. After all, taking care of plants and animals is emotionally rewarding specifically because they’re alive, like us, and need us. Would taking care of a fake dog fulfill the same emotional needs as faithful old Fido? Probably not.

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